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Translate disk UUId in controller event log


Translate disk UUId in controller event log


I'm seeing alot of events in our EVA 8000 controller event logs where by LUNs are transitioning controller ownership. I know these are informational more than anything but they seem to be causing us problems with the ESX servers connected to EVA. I'm trying to find out which LUNS are actually moving so looking in the event logs i see this reference:

ld_tag: B4-08-05-60-D5-4B-10-00-00-90-01-00-08-20-9D-05 - Logical disk
du_tag: B4-08-05-60-D5-4B-10-00-00-90-01-00-08-A8-A2-05 - Derived unit

Only they don't seem to reference any actual LUN UUID as seen in the properties page of a vDisk?

Can anyone explain?