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Two SANs on one server???

Louis Henninger_1
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Two SANs on one server???

I have a server ,Windows 2003/R2 w/SP2 presently connected to a QLogic SAN Fabric/DotHill disk system. This is using HP QLogic 2GB HBAs. The MPIO driver is using a MPIO Framework of 1.13 for DotHill disks. I need to install another HBA (Qlogic 4GB) to connect to an EVA 5000 (VCS4.10) for Data migration.If I try to install MPIO DSM3.00, it wants to update the framework for MPIO.

I suspect that a workaround is to update DotHill MPIO to version using a MPIO framework of 1.18 and install a HP DSM that uses the same framework version of 1.18.

Would this solve my issue?

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Re: Two SANs on one server???

the SAN design guide could help you for the MPIO compatibility of the different storages for all the platforms:

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Re: Two SANs on one server???

Hi Louis,

I'm not familiar with the DotHill system, however if for whatever reason the two MPIO solutions don't work together, the relatively simple solution is to configure your zoning such that you only see one path to each LUN during the data migration.

You can then do without the MPIO software until everything is on the EVA5000.

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