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URGENT advice: RAID recovery MSA2312FC / AJ795A

Anders T
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URGENT advice: RAID recovery MSA2312FC / AJ795A

Please indicate any specific HP support forums or resources that can assist with business critical RAID recovery advice.
A Finish government department has sent an AJ795A plus an expansion AJ750A, (total 19 450Gb SAS drives) to us in Sweden. Apparently the 1st and 2nd line HP support available in Finland reported a non-recoverable disaster. The RAID was accidentally disconnected from power; 3 drives failed; raid headers were removed from drives (advice on another HP forum ?) A rebuild appears to have crashed.

Aurora is not on the habit of giving up, even with such a bleak prognosis for recovery. Where can we exchange data with like minded engineers with knowledge of the HP RAID structure. Very little information appears to be available ?

We specifically need help confirming our findings:
1) the DEFAULT "CHUNK" sizes; (probably 64K)
2) "Delay" in moving Parity (probably 4 or 16)
3) Parity rotation for this specific model. (unknown, probably non-standard)
4) the unique sector offset used on this product (probably 1088)
5) RAID-6 (probable Reed Solomon)

Since there are 19pcs 450Gb drives involved, (17 plus 2 spare) trial and error method is obviously excluded. We point out that we are working with two new virtual RAIDs built from forensic clones of the original drives.

Any advice, however little would be very appreciated.
Michael Leu
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Re: URGENT advice: RAID recovery MSA2312FC / AJ795A

AFAIK the MSA2312fc is a rebranded Dot Hill 2532.