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Unable to connect EVAPerf to EVA 8100

Leigh Sleight
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Unable to connect EVAPerf to EVA 8100

Good day

I have an EVA 8100, I am trying to configure EVAPERF.

I have changed the password on the OCP to something simple. following instructions on this document:

However, when I try run:
evaperf spw array_wwn array_pwd

I get:
Access to the array was NOT verified
Array: 5000-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx not added to the list

I am able to run commands like EVAPERF LS, EVAPERF VD, EVAPERF HC and it does show info from the EVA, but obviously with WWN's instead of friendly names. Now I am trying to get the friendly names configured, but the command:


will not run, cos it cant connect to the controller? I am assuming because I cant get past step 1 which is EVAPERF SPW!!

Can anybody help me troubleshoot how I can get EVAPERF to connect to the controller so I can generate the friendly names?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sheldon Smith

Re: Unable to connect EVAPerf to EVA 8100

If "...commands like EVAPERF LS, EVAPERF VD, EVAPERF HC show info from the EVA...", then I think all you need to do is validate yourself with EVAperf so it can create the friendly names file.

First do
"evaperf fnh localhost your-username"
and it will prompt for your password. Don't forget to replace "your-username" with your username! :)

THEN try
"evaperf fn"
again. Depending on how much you have defined, this can easily take minutes to complete.

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