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Unable to find EVA in command view

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Unable to find EVA in command view

Hi All,

I have 4 EVA (8400 and P6500) at one site and using a single site management server (stms) . I am unable to find one EVA in the CV EVA. Server restarted but no luck.

I would like to know, if the stms server is zoned to same ports as other windows hosts are zoned or is there a dedicated port on EVA for management.

What are the standard troubleshooting steps to find the root cause? please help.




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Re: Unable to find EVA in command view

Ok issue resolved by adding server HBA WWPN to zone config. Also learned that there is no dedicated FC interface on storage for Site management server connectivity. Thanks. 


Re: Unable to find EVA in command view

Hi baiju625,

As mentioned by you, you need to zone Controller FC port to the Command view EVA server HBA for CV-EVA to manage EVA. There is no dedicated FC port for management.

After performing the zoning if there is any issue, there are a couple of useful commands in CVutil to troubleshoot communication problems with Command View:

The CVutil utility is located in C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SANworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV(Program Files (x86) for 64bit systems).

To verify path connectivity, issue the following command:

cvutil paths

If the EVA WWN is visible with the above command, the CV EVA should be able to discover the EVA and manage it.
Another command that may come handy is "cvutil scmi" command to see if the array is locked working on a command. If repeated cvutil scmi shows the same lock on the array that Command View is unable to communicate with, it may be possible to use the cvutil release_locks command to clear the condition and allow Command View to regain communication with the array.

Thank You!
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