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Unable to suspend DR_group

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Unable to suspend DR_group

Hi guys, I was trying to suspend DR_group on EVA4400 from the SSSU command line and i get the following error:

"The storage system is not responding to management command requests in a timely manner. This may be due to a prior management command request with excessively long response time, or a communication problem. CV EVA will recover automatically when the storage system is able to respond to management commands. Management command access to the storage system does not affect host I/O."

I can not do it from commandview either.

Does any one knows the cause and fix for this? I have restarted the commandview service and even rebooted the management server but still the same error message.
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Re: Unable to suspend DR_group

most likely EVA is too busy with IO, hence ignoring everything else which it finds unimportant... EVA gives highest preference to IO. I have seen this happening many times.. it does not respond to any CV EVA(or SSSU) commands and after sometime returns back to normal. You might want to wait for 30 mins or 1 hr and then check

btw how many EVAs are you managing from this CV EVA server and whats the version of CV EVA and XCS?
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Re: Unable to suspend DR_group

This is managing 1 EVA and the version of firmware is 09004000 and commandview EVA 8.0. The FCIP link btw the 2 sites is currently down and we intend to suspend the dr_groups so that we can resume replication with a dr_group at a time to reduce effect on I/O performance.

I have waited even more than days, to see if this will work but the error remain the same. I cant imagine that the eva will be that busy.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Unable to suspend DR_group

But do you get that message only when trying to suspend the DR Group or when doing any change on the EVA?

I mean, if you're only talking about not being able to suspend the DR Group, that's normal, you cannot do it when the DR links are down because then Command View cannot communicate with both EVAs.

This is explained on RSM User guide


Do not suspend remote replication when the links are down, especially during an unplanned failover.
Doing so can create an invalid source-source configuration.

By the way, XCS 09004000 will be out of support in 10 days, so you better start thinking about updating it (and Command View).