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Ungrouped Disk after Disk Error on EVA4400

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Ungrouped Disk after Disk Error on EVA4400

Hi All,


I just need some advice regarding our EVA4400. I have 2 disk groups configured on the SAN and I noticed one disk reporting an error in command view. I physically re seated the disk and the error has now gone and the EVA is showing up as healthy but the disk is now showing up as ungrouped.  


Would it just be a case of re adding it back into the original disk group?  


I get a message stating the data on the disk will be removed when adding it which I guess makes sense as it will level out again once added.


Just wanted to make sure this isn’t going to cause any issues or if there’s a best practice for it.  I;m currently running double disk failure protection and Vraid5 if that helps.



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Ungrouped Disk after Disk Error on EVA4400


no the double-disk-failure protection only keeps the equivalent of 4 * the largest disk in the disk group reserved, for reconstruction/rebuild.

As for the disk, what was the error on it?

I'd try to look in the 'controller event logs' to see what kind of errors have been reported for this disk. Maybe it's bad.