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Unpresent VDisk from HP eva4400

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Unpresent VDisk from HP eva4400


My two HP server 6600 rx running in cluster mode and some Vdisk has been mounted on it from HP EVA4400 SAN.


Now i wnat to remove vgdb2  mount points from my server( not in use)

VG     #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize   VFree
  vg00     1   8   0 wz--n- 135.22G   3.22G
  vgdb1    9   4   0 wz--n-   2.20T 249.94G
  vgdb2    9   4   0 wz--n-   2.20T 251.23G
  vgredo   1   8   0 wz--n- 250.00G  45.50G


I have created 20  Vdisk on SAN for my server but how do I identify which VDisk is present on ths SAN belongs vgdb2.

I want to unpresent unused Vdisk from SAN .



Attaching the snapshot of My Vdisk on san

Thank you.




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Re: Unpresent VDisk from HP eva4400

Use "evainfo" available from the SSSU bundle.

Hope this helps!

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