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Update EVA4400? - "Storage System Version Not Supported"

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Update EVA4400? - "Storage System Version Not Supported"

In my workshop test system, I installed two HSV300 controllers for a test. It seems now that the software on the management module does not fit to the controller software... I get the message "Storage System Version Not Supported" when connected to the Command View website.

"The version of the storage system you are attempting to manage is not supported by your management server's version. To manage this system, you must update either your storage system firmware or your management server software."

Current versions:

XCS version: 11200000 
XCS build: CR229Clep 
Management firmware: mmp-0001.4200-CR0670 


By connecting to IP:2373 (Management site) I was able to update the management module from the CV9.3 ISO DVD

The question is:
How to update the controller software when access to the Command View is restricted? The ususal menu guided way does not work because all I see is that message above. So Command View is currently useless...

Are there any other options to update controller software without the CV Web interface??

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Re: Update EVA4400? - "Storage System Version Not Supported"


have you tried to connect direct to managment module


you can update firmware  you need to be at firmware  1.43 or later


try downloading





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Re: Update EVA4400? - "Storage System Version Not Supported"

CV version is too old to manage the array.
Update CV (management module) first, then the array firmware.

Hope this helps!

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