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Upgrade EVA4400 Firmware in CLX environment

wai perng
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Upgrade EVA4400 Firmware in CLX environment

We need to upgrade the EVA4400 Firmware on 1 of our customers.

The EVA4400 is used together with CA + CLX ver. 2.01 + Microsoft 2008 Cluster.

I'm aware that CLX is required to be upgraded as part of the EVA Firmware/ CommandView upgrade exercise(the latest released is v4.0).

Does anyone has experience on this kind of upgrade environment? Can anyone share what is the proper procedure to this? To upgrade the CLX then EVA Firmware then CV or the other way round?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Upgrade EVA4400 Firmware in CLX environment

Hi Wai,

You may refer the Continuous Access Section in EVA Updating Product Software Guide. Its available on the Manuals page of the HP Business Support Center website:
In the Storage section, click Disk Storage Systems, and then select your product.