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Upgrade path for CV and EVA firmware

Paul Land
Occasional Contributor

Upgrade path for CV and EVA firmware

I have a EVA6000 with the following system specs:
Type - HSV200
Version - 6100
Software - CR0EBOxc3p-6100
This is controlled with a standalone Windows 2000 server (HP DL360 G5, 2Gb). CommandView EVA is V6.0 build 193.

I need to get to EVA firmware 6.2 to support a VMware VSphere 4.0 install. I believe this means I need to *first* get Command View up to a current version. In turn, this will require an upgrade of the OS on the CV system to at least W2k3.

So, do I have this right?
- Upgrade CV server to W2k3 OS
- Install CV 9
- Update firmware on EVA to 6.2

And, since our SOP on a server upgrade is to reformat and install fresh, is there any licensing or other info on the current CV server that will need to be retained for reuse on the fresh install of EVA?

Are there any gotchas in this process we'll need to be aware of?
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Upgrade path for CV and EVA firmware

Hi Paul,

Probably the most important thing to bear in mind is that you'll need the correct licenses for Command View EVA.

Version 6 and earlier didn't enforce the licensing rules, as detailed in this advisory:


It's therefore quite common to see EVAs, that have been physically upgraded, but where the licenses haven't been, which can lead to unforseen costs...

Hope this helps,


Víctor Cespón
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Re: Upgrade path for CV and EVA firmware

Since you're going to format and install Windows 2003, when you install Command View 9, you'll have the Instant-On license active for 60 days.
But you should contact your sales representative to get proper licenses for Command View 9 ASAP.

Also do not forget to update the firmware of the disks too: