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Upgrading v5.x firmware on B series 4/16 SAN switch...

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Upgrading v5.x firmware on B series 4/16 SAN switch...

I need to clarify exactly how I upgrade the firmware on a B series 4/16 SAN switch, as the download package fils & the instructions do not seem to match.

The .zip download, expanded out into a single directory (v5.0.3b), with lots of .RPM files. and a number of sub-directoires (sbin, SWBD10, SWBD12, SWBDxx).

The instructions tell me to point the "firmwaredownload" command to the filename "v5.0.3b/release.plist" but this file does not exist in that "top level" directory.

The release.plist file exists within each of the SWBDxx subdirecoties, but there is no mention of which direcory is for which type of switch (i.e 4/8, 4/16, 4/32).

I am very confused... please can someone explain.

Many Thanks

Leon Rosier
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Re: Upgrading v5.x firmware on B series 4/16 SAN switch...

Hi Martin,

- Set your homelocation from you ftp server to the V5.03b directory.
- Give the firmwaredownload command
- type your Host-ip address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
- fill in the user, i.e. anonymouse
- filename: release.plist
- Protocol: ftp
- Password ....
The release.plist finds out itself what directory(ies) to use.

The next story is identical, i hope one of them make it understandable for you.

Verify an FTP service is running on a UNIX or Windows machine.
In UNIX, verify there is a pound (#) sign before root in the /etc/ftpusers file.
TELNET to the switch.
At the login prompt, type admin.
Type the password.
At the prompt type, firmwaredownload.
Follow the onscreen prompts, shown next:
Do you want to continue [Y]:

Server Name or IP Address: (Enter the IP address of the FTP sever that has the code.)

User Name: anonymous

File Name: v5.x.x/release.plist (v5.x.x - the new firmware version)

Password: xxxx

FirmwareDownload has started.

Start to install packages......

The firmware files begin to download. This takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Upon completion of a successful download, you will see the following prompts:
Verification SUCCEEDED

Firmwaredownload completes successfully.

FirmwareDownload has completed successfully.

Connection to host lost.

Re-telnet to the switch, as follows:

Fabric OS (Switch)

Switch login: admin Password: xxxx

5_1:admin> firmwareshow

Primary partition: v5.x.x (new firmware version)

Secondary Partition: v5.x.x (new firmware version)


The switch is now running firmware v5.x.x

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Re: Upgrading v5.x firmware on B series 4/16 SAN switch...


I did wonder if the "firmwaredownload" command looked at the various subdirectories and chose the correct one itself.

Many thanks for your help.


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Re: Upgrading v5.x firmware on B series 4/16 SAN switch...



Thanks it's really helpful for me. Thanks again :-)