VCS Upgrade and CA

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VCS Upgrade and CA


Is it possible to do a VCS Code upgrade in the following way when using CA.

Two EVA5000 VCS 3028 at present, CA Between the two.
All hosts are Windows and have the latest Basic and full DSM MPIO for the EVA 5000 installed.
All relevant CV version 7 Licences are installed and working.
Command View version 7.01 will be used as it support both VCS 3.028 and VCS 4.100

1: Suspend CA to destination EVA (no other host access)
2: Perform VCS update to VCS 4.100
3: Perform Disk firmware upgrade.
4: change fibre cable config for Active/Active FW
5: Update Zoning config.
6: Restart Command View Server (check updated EVA is operational)
7: Resume CA replication. (wait for logs to flush etc)
8: shutdown host, failover CA for a particular host (check replication direction has changed)
9: Start Host (check storage availability and MPIO path management etc)
10: repeat steps 8 and 9 on all hosts
11: Once the initial source EVA is only a destination for CA Repeat steps 1 to 7.
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Re: VCS Upgrade and CA

i could not understand why you change the replication direction in between the operation,

just suspend CA, upgrade source, upgrade destination, resume CA,

if you want to check CA that can be done after upgrade also.

your steps 1-7 for upgrade seems OK, btw.
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Re: VCS Upgrade and CA

Thanks for your answer.
The Rational behind the failover is we are not going to be able to take all the hosts down for an extended period whilst we upgrade the VCS Code on both arrays.
As this is a campus CA solution the plan was to upgrade the destination array to VCS 4.100 re-cable and resume CA.
Once CA is synced again failover the hosts to the upgraded array (VSC4.100). Then upgrade the other . There is no requirement to failback to the original source at the end of the process.
I guess the pertinent question is will CA operate as expected with one EVA on VCS 3.028 and one on VCS 4.100 (ie Can we conduct a successful failover). Both EVAs will be upgraded to 4.100 within HPs 1 week supported time frame.