VCS Upgrade with CA

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VCS Upgrade with CA

guys, were updating our 2 eva5000's VCS 3.028 to 3.110. these EVAs have CA and both are replicating to each other.
The plan is to update each site one at a time with at least a week interval to give stabilization period. However we encounter the following quote in the manual as:

â ¢ During the time that the HP Continuous Access EVA storage systems are running different controller software versions, you cannot make any configuration changes to your storage systems.

Does this imply to all configuration to the EVA's or just the CA configuration? Can we still have control / management to both the EVAs?

Page 35
Manual: HP Storageworks 3000/5000 EVA updating sw guide
PN: 5697-8108
3rd Ed, Mar 2009