VDISK prefered path

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VDISK prefered path

Hi, I have created VDISKs . Which prefered path I heve to select? By default it is showing "None". Other options r Path A failover only, Path B failover only. Pathe A failover/failback etc. In this which option I have to select?
Víctor Cespón
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Re: VDISK prefered path

That depends on whether the preferred path is going to be set by the OS multipath software or by the EVA.

None = Managed by OS multipath
Other setting = Managed by EVA

Use Failover/Failback only if the OS is OpenVMS or Tru64 Unix



The idea is to have the LUNs managed by both controllers and no all LUNs on the same controller. This gives better performance.
Sivakumar MJ._1
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Re: VDISK prefered path

Leave it as it is if u have multiath installed..

EVA3000/5000 the active/passive means if one controller is taking up the IOs to one particular VDisk than the other controller cannot communicate to the VDisk, which is owned by the First Controller.It is to use Path A - Failover only or Path B - Failover only, so that the secure path can control the failback to the origianl controller. Still depends on the OS and Multipath u have.

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