VDS Fails

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VDS Fails

EVA 4100, XCS 6.11, CV 7.0.1
BL870c blade with QLogic mezzanine card
Brocade c-class FC switch, HP 4/16 rackmount switch
IA64 Windows 2008 Server MPIO FF-EVA 3.0

BL870c boots from SAN. Blades are set as "Windows LH" hosts in Command View.

Whenever I create a new vdisk and present it to the Windows 2008 blade server, I cannot create a partition on it, I get the error "the media is write protected." Irritating, and ungrammatical to boot. The Windows system event log has the error "VDS fails to write boot code on a disk during clean operation. Error code: 80070013@02070008"

I never got these errors on the Windows 2003 servers, and we have dozens of vdisks presented.

I generally work through DISKPART on the command line, and use these steps when adding a vdisk for use:
list disk
select disk n
online disk
create partition primary align=32

This last command gives me the error.

Many times, removing the presentation in CV, then readding it with the same LUN, will allow me to create the partition. This seems like a complete hack to me and makes me concerned as to what side-effects this hackery might be causing.

Does this occur for anyone else, and if so, how do I correct it?