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VLS: admnistrator password forgotten


VLS: admnistrator password forgotten


I forget my password for "administrator" user to access to VLS 6010, I showed in User's Guide that exist other user called "emergency" and that it can help me to change the "administrator" password if I forget it. But I tried it by following and I can not get good news :(

emergency@VLSDCMEX#changePassword -admin -p newpassword

It shows me the message: "Must be administrator to change other users password"

Someone could help me with this, please.
I really appreciate your help!!

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Re: VLS: admnistrator password forgotten


I have searched for a VLS6010, but cannot find anything about it. Having said that, however, if you have the users guide, does it explain how to reset it back to the factory defaults? This could help you in resetting the passwords.

Sorry I cannot be more help, hope you can get it resolved.
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David Ruska
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Re: VLS: admnistrator password forgotten

The model number you listed is not valid - perhaps you have a VLS6105.

On the change password command you used,
#changePassword -admin -p newpassword

From the manual:

* where the options are:
-admin - Reset the administrator password ( -u and -p are ignored)

So, I think this command does not require any additional parameters, and resets back to the default "admin" password for the "administrator" account.

Try "changePassword -admin".
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Re: VLS: admnistrator password forgotten

thanks David, yes I was wrong in the model it is VLS6100, and I test the option that you give me but receive the message:

"Must be administrator to change another user's password"

Any other suggestion?, exist any way to reset the system of VLS?

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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: VLS: admnistrator password forgotten

have you logged with the emergency/repail via serial session?

open a serial session:
1. Connect a PC or workstation to the serial connector on the rear of the VLS using the null-modem (serial) cable provided
2. 2. Establish a CLI session using a terminal emulation program
3. Enter administrator or emergency for username
4. Enter the password for the username entered. The default administrator password is admin. The emergency login password is repair

Note: Logging in as administrator or using the emergency login gives you full privileges to all VLS functions available throught the CLI command set.

If this loggin do not work there is another backdoor that can be used by HP but you need a ce onsite logging with hpservice password
Jez Kadzewski
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Re: VLS: admnistrator password forgotten

I also have the same problem administrator:admin or emergency:repair do not work from the terminal or serial cable.