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VMWare 3.5ESXi Missing LUN from EVA 4000

P A Long
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VMWare 3.5ESXi Missing LUN from EVA 4000

We have an ESXi cluster consisting of 3 servers. One of the servers locked up and several of the VMs on this server failed (and showed inaccessible) in Virtual Centre. Looking at the storage on VMWare there is one 1 LUN missing.

How do we get the LUN back on VMWare as the EVA still shows it. We have 24/7 support with HP but trying to recover via Email from overseas is just about impossible.

What are the steps for presenting the LUN back to VMware or is there any online documentation to help us. The VMWare and EVA was installed by HP around 12 months ago and has been reliable until this time.
Bill Costigan
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Re: VMWare 3.5ESXi Missing LUN from EVA 4000

There are basically 3 things that need to be OK for the ESX to see a LUN.

1. The LUN needs to be persented to the ESX host on the EVA. and the correct ESX WWN needs to be defined in the port section of the Host configureation.
(everything is based on WWNs)

2. The switches must be configured to allow the ESX HBAs to communicate the the EVA ports. This is called zoning and again it is usually based on WWNs.

3. The ESX hosts must scan the SAN to find all the LUNs that it is allowed to see.

I would start at the ESX and select storage adaptors and and do a rescan all HBAs. Can you see the missing LUN? Do you see any LUNs on the same EVA as the missing LUN.
(if you do, then the switches and host config in the EVA is correct)

From the EVA I would select the ESX host and display the vDISKs presented to it. Is the missing LUN in the list? If not, repersent it.