Vdisk expansion

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Vdisk expansion

Hi ,
I need to expand a vdisk presented to windows cluster server which belongs to a DR group. I have two options.

Option 1.

1. After shutting down the application take a snap clone of the disks.(2 disks 300GB and 75 GB)

2. Expand the vdisk and check in the destination EVA disk size is changed or not?

If it is not changed then delete the member disk from the DR group and add it again.

Option 2.

1. create new vdisk with new size, add to DR group and present it to the server, re configure the cluster.

2 . Copy the data from old disk to the new disk.

3. Delte the old disk from the DR group

Please help me to choose a better option and steps to delete a vdisk member which is belongs to a DR group.

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Re: Vdisk expansion

1. If the OS does not support dynamic LUN expansion, all VDISK I/O should be stopped, the VDISK should be unpresented from all hosts, else directly to the step 2

2. VDISK removal from the DR group to which it belongs, saving the destination copy - backup copy of the data until the process has been completed, (it should be even renamed to prevent naming conflicts)
3. source VDISK expansion.
4. VDISK expansion successful finish monitoring.
5. VDISK readdition into the DR group from which it was removed. This starts a full copy of the now expanded VDISK. (Once the full copy has started, the VDISK is available for use).
6. If the VDISK was unpresented in step 1, then it should be presented back to the appropriate hosts, goto step 7, else go to the step 7 directly
7. I/O to the newly expanded VDISK should be resumed. The backup destination copy may be deleted once the full copy completes.
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Re: Vdisk expansion


MSCS clustering (W2K+) does support disk expansion.

If you follow MSCS best practice and have a single partition per Vdisk/LUN, then simply expand the vdisk (using CV or SSSU). When the expansion is complete (at source and target within DR group), open a cmd prompt at the active node of the MSCS cluster, use diskpart to select the disk and partition in question, then expand.

You don't even need to rescan the bus on the other nodes, as the quorum db will update the other nodes in short order.

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Re: Vdisk expansion

Take a look at Microsoft's KB 304736:

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Re: Vdisk expansion