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Vdisk scrubbing on MSA P2000 G3

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Vdisk scrubbing on MSA P2000 G3

Hi I have a P2000 G3 with 12 2TB disks in it. I have noticed if I have the vdisk scrubbing enabled, it will take almost 4 days to finish one scrubbing. And you can see the LED lights on those drives flickering non-stop all the time. I wonder if that will wear down the disks faster. The settings for scrubbing are default which are enabled and high utility priority. I read in the best practice it says there should be a background option under the utility priority but I only see high/medium/low and no backgroup for utility priority.


Does anyone know if it's normal to take that long to finish a scrubbing cycle? And is it better to set the utility priority to low so the disks can last longer? But I don't want to compromise the data redundency too much either......

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Vdisk scrubbing on MSA P2000 G3

Hi, maybe it's a feature in a new firmware (to have it run in the background)?

The scrubbing is a good indication that something is not doing so well.
If you have a contract on the machine wouldn't it be nice to have it running often so that you can have disks replaced quicker?

Might it impact performance if you run it with high priority?
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Re: Vdisk scrubbing on MSA P2000 G3

scrub is initiated in MSA to verify the disks. As long as it does not give any errors there should be no cause to worry.


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