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Volume not show in Linux Host

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Volume not show in Linux Host

Hello Guys

In a LAB have a P2000 G3 and 7 host Hp Proliant G7. 

The P2000 is connected to 2 Switch Brocade 300

The Controller A the port A1 is connected to Brocade_1 and the A2 is connected to Brocade_2

The Controller B the port B1 is connected to Brocade_1 and the B2 is connected to Brocade_2

Now in the GUI of P2000 all the hosts were discovered and show both HBA.

In the Brocade_1, I have zoned as follows:

Create Alias

   - Alias: P2000_A1 WWN

   - Alias; P2000_B1 WWN

   - Alias: Node_01 WWN


P2000_A1 + P2000_B2 + Node_01

In the Brocade_2 it has been zoned identical to Brocade_1

P2000_A2 + P2000_B2 + Node_01

My problem is when I create a new volumen, and map in the host, these do not appear in the OS. I test with Windows 2012 OS and the volumes are not shown either.

I have reviewed documentation, information about it and I have not been able to discover the problem.
Can someone tell me if the zoning is correct or can I check to see why the LUNs are not showing?





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Re: Volume not show in Linux Host

Please provide/check the follwoing Ouput:

On the MSA:

show volume-maps

On the Switch:



I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.