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W2K8 R2 Encoding errors- Invalid Orders set

Gilbert Plouffe

W2K8 R2 Encoding errors- Invalid Orders set

I am starting to implement Windows 2008 R2 in my production environment. I’d started to do some testing and I have discovered that both W2K8 R2 that are running on DL380 G4 server with HP brand 8GB/s (AJ762A) connected to a HPSW Data Center 8/384 (Brocade DCX) core switch are flooding the PortStats with Invalid Order Set at the port switches.

This is what I did currently to resolve this issue. FC Cable has been check for DB losses are in spec. Cable length is in spec, HBA have been upgraded to the latest driver and firmware, set the HBA to auto, lock down the HBA to 8 GB/s, but still having the same behaviour. The only thing I did notice is that when the HBA and DCX are lock down to 4GB/s the Invalid Order set is less to happen.

Last I have around 40 DL380 G4-G5-G6 servers W2K8SP2 with the same brand of HBA and they do not show this behaviour.

Do anyone have encounter behaviour or have any suggestion.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.