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WWN Zoning v/s Port Zoning

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WWN Zoning v/s Port Zoning

Hi Experts,

please tell me the difference between WWN zoning and Port Zoning and how they are used.

Also, which is recommended and most safe.

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Re: WWN Zoning v/s Port Zoning

It depends, it depends ...

As the name suggests, one is based on the device WWN, the other on the port.

What kind of devices do you have?

Hope this helps!

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Re: WWN Zoning v/s Port Zoning

refer page423 on http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00403562/c00403562.pdf

it may help you to understand the zoning.
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Re: WWN Zoning v/s Port Zoning

this could help you too:
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Re: WWN Zoning v/s Port Zoning

I assume you are asking in regard to B-series and Brocade switches.
WWN (Port) Zoning is recommended over (switch) Port Zoning. A WWPN will be unique in a fabric; depending on switch domain numbers, you can have domain and switch port collisions. Of course, this is only a problem when merging two or more existing fabrics.

Generation 1 switches enforced switch port zoning in hardware, as opposed to using switch software to handle WWPN zoning. For quite some time now (years), zones consisting of switch ports, as well as zones consisting of WWPNs are "hard". Note that any zone consisting of switch ports *and* WWPNs is still handled in switch software.

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