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Web Mangement MSA 2324 no loading

Anthony Ardolino
Occasional Contributor

Web Mangement MSA 2324 no loading

I am unable to access the storage management utility on my MSA 2324fc What happens is after I successfully authenticate there is the pop-up window in the foreground that says "Application is loading..." and it gets stuck at the userSet requested portion and the progress bar never completes.

I can see in the background the vdisks that I have created but I cannot get into the actual screen to mange them. I have tried on several different computers with IE 6,7 and 8 and FireFox and all browsers freeze at the same point.

I have an MSA70 connected to the MSA2324fc and both are being used via our virtual server setup.

If you need more information please let me know, but I was hoping to add a new MSA 70 to this setup but cannot until I can get into the management utility.

Anthony Ardolino
Occasional Advisor

Re: Web Mangement MSA 2324 no loading

Did you get any solution for this issue ,, i am facing the same problem 


Re: Web Mangement MSA 2324 no loading

count me in as well. i cannot get past the "the application is loading..." screen with the message "usersset requested". this happened after updating the controllers to version M114R01. the enclosures are still at 2.18.