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What firware upgrades for MSA2012i?

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What firware upgrades for MSA2012i?


We have an MSA2012 with a bunch of Seagate ST3300655SS disks. I'm want to make sure the device is fully up to date with firmware upgrades. However, I'm not sure which bits can, and need, updating.

When I login to the the web interface and click on MONIOR > ADVANCED SETTINGS > CONTROLLER VERSIONS I see 4 boxes:

1. Storage Controller Code Versions
2. Management Controller Code Versions
3. Expander Controller Code Versions
4. RAID Controller Hardware Versions

Some of these have a few sub heading for items such as 'code versions' and 'loader versions'.

Having looked at the HP support pages for this model I see there are many updates for all versions of MSA. I'm not sure which ones apply to our device and which parts of the device are upgradable.

So far I've downloaded the firware updates for:

1. Smart Array (J210P22-01.bin)
2. Drive Enclosure (O300B28.bin)
3. Hard drives (90-00000927.fla)

Is there anything else, such as PSU, that needs a f/w upgrade?

Also, re the hard drives. The web interface reports there are "ST3300655SS" but the above hard drive firmware is for "ST3300657SS". (The models are almost identical, except for the last digit 5-7) - is this ok?

Advice greatly appreciated.
Eemans Dany
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Re: What firware upgrades for MSA2012i?


If you have updated the Smart array, Hard drives and the drive enclosure then everyting is updated.
When updating the drive enclosure, he takes every component in the enclosure.
There is no real firmware on the PSU's as they are controlled by the drive enclosure.

patrick haynes
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Re: What firware upgrades for MSA2012i?

the firmware you downloaded 90-00000927.fla, will check for the drive types the firmware supports and update accordingly, if the drive is not supported, it will not update it.