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Windows 2003 Boot on SAN

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Windows 2003 Boot on SAN

Hi ,

How many paths are seen over Mpio Console for the boot disk ???

Environment :
EVA8100 , C7000 , Virtual Connect , W2K3 R2 SP2 EE , Mpio sRV 3.00.03 , MPIO Mgr 4.00.1 , Driver QMH2462 Storport , Kb932755.

The Lun 1 (boot disk) is only seen only with one path , the second lun (application) are see with 8 paths.

Is normal ??

thank very well for any help
Amol Garge
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Re: Windows 2003 Boot on SAN

Generally, the boot LUN is given a single path(in boot from SAN) so that the OS does not get confused after the first reboot.

Once the OS is configured, the rest of the paths are added and then it works fine.

In your case you may wanna check the zoning and confirm how many paths are actually going in the server.

Regarding the multipath, I doubt that the software is smart enough to differentiate between the boot LUN and the data LUN in-short, if multiple paths are assigned to the boot LUN it will show all the paths.
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Re: Windows 2003 Boot on SAN

Yes i agree with you.
but if the zoning was bad , the second lun (application) will not see under 8 paths.

i think that VC is my problem ...

thank very well