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Windows 2012 virtual HBA problem

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Windows 2012 virtual HBA problem


I decide to test vHBA in Windows 2012 and detect problem.

1. I connect HP BL 460c G7 to HP EVA arrays. Adapters - QLogic QMH2562.

2. I create VM with Windows 2008 R2 installed.

3. I create 2 virtual SAN (physical server has 2 adapters).

4. I add vHBA to VM.

If physical server is connected to 1 array - all is OK. If server is connected to 2 arrays, physical server lost some disks/paths during VM start. This behavior does not depend on whether the disks are published to VM, virtual adapter presense is enough. There is no dependency of MPIO presense and MPIO module vendor (MS, HP).

There are last versions of firmware and drivers from HP Service Pack on the physical server.