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Wiping data from retired FC Disks

John Allegro
Occasional Advisor

Wiping data from retired FC Disks

Hardware:  EVA 6100 running Command View


 I have accumulated a couple of boxes of 146 and 300 GB (about 80) FC hard drives that I have replaced with 600GB FC drives and would like to dispose of these. 


When I ungroup the disk is the data "moved" or "copied" to another disk?  I am concerned that data could be recovered from my retired disks.


How about on a faulty disk?  Should I have these disks shredded?





Sheldon Smith

Re: Wiping data from retired FC Disks

What security standard do you want to achieve? Some will require shredding the disks regardless.

I would presume "copied", since "moved" would take an additional overwrite. Do you have at least eight extra shelf slots that you could make a special disk group (with zero drive protection)? Make (Vraid1) vdisks and have an online scrubber program overwrite them. Perhaps Window's "sdelete" or *nix' "dd if=/dev/random .."

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Jan Soska
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Re: Wiping data from retired FC Disks


if you really want to be sure nobody will able to reconstruct your data, use really big hammer on each disk. You get "free big fun" with this method.

Other - soft - method are all about rewrite whole disk with random data many times (where many is set according your paranoic level or gouvernment law). Simple move or delete data is noth enough - it is similar to normal non-raid disk, but here is possible illegal reconstruction much harder due complicated raid level and EVA internal virtualization...



John Allegro
Occasional Advisor

Re: Wiping data from retired FC Disks

I do not have empty slots available but I could ungroup some of my 600's over the weekend and do this on Monday.

I find it odd that the data is not written with a unique hash that only allows it to be read in the EVA it was written on.