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X1600, Storage Server, and ASM

Wayne Henegar
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X1600, Storage Server, and ASM

I am testing a new x1600 system in my lab before installing at a client site. Being new to Windows Storage Server and HP Automated Storage Manager, I am a bit confused by what I see. I downloaded the HP ASM manual and still have some unanswered questions. What other publications and documentation are out there to help me understand how this box functions?

For example, Array A which holds the pre-configured OS is 2-146G configured as Raid 1. Drive C: is 40G. Windows server under Server Manager, does not show the remaining 100-plusG available as a regular Windows Server configuration would. It shows nothing. Instead, the ACU show 190G still used.

Also, I put 3-600G 3.5” 15k SAS drives in the front of the unit. I allocated 127G in shared folders as Raid 5 (within the HP ASM). The ACU shows Array B (after I allocated 127G) as having 1.5T unallocated. I expected the 127G to be subtracted from a 1.2T total for a Raid 5.)

I assume there is compression (and other stuff) occurring in the background, and I assume HP ASM is controlling most of this (not storage Server). Does it “emulate” Raid 5 without truly being raid 5??? Did it span the 127G across the 3 drives, but can use the ‘unused’ space in other Raid configurations??? Can I trust that if one drive fails, the other 2 will retain the data?

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Re: X1600, Storage Server, and ASM

I have some others doubts, who can i delete a dabase form de x1600. ?