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XCS compatibility matrix

Chris Rasmussen [FAU]
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XCS compatibility matrix

Hi all,

Does anyone know where I can find an official compatibility matrix for the various XCS versions?

My client requires information re whether or not XCS version 6.100 on their EVA 6000 is supported (it is) as well as the same info for switch FOS version 5.3.0d for their Brocade FC switches.

I'm sure both are supported but they're after official documentation - I find the HP site hard to use when it comes to finding detailed info.

Can anyone help?

Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: XCS compatibility matrix

XCS compatibility matrix is included in

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Compatibility Reference


For Brocade switches it is recommended to upgrade to the latest firmware.
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Re: XCS compatibility matrix

For supported FOS versions please visit "SPOCK"!


Hope this helps!

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