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XP1024 Battery Warning(Diag)

Wang Haitao
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XP1024 Battery Warning(Diag)

Hi guruz,

I've found the follow warning msg from xp1024's SVP log:

Reference Code: bf5b10
Error Section: Environmental Error
Error Detail: Battery Warning(Diag)
Error Location: Battery-11
Alert Level: Moderate

I found the Battery-11 in Cluster 1, the Cache state is normal, Battery-11 seems ok, when i click on it, it shows Replace and Cancel. i just canceled it.

Question: Should i need to replace Battery-11? If yes, where is the location of Battery-11? i saw four batteries on the back of DKC(1 DKC, 2 DKU), each 20Kg, two near left side, two near right side, the middle two slots are empty.


Wang Haitao
Frequent Advisor

Re: XP1024 Battery Warning(Diag)

I've found Battery-11 location!

from rear view, from left to right, the batteries numbering is: