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XP12000 pair display output

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XP12000 pair display output



I have inherited a couple of XP12000 storages, they are connected to hpux with raidmanager, looking at the hormc files and pairdisplay status, it looks like CA replication is not configured:


I'm using this variables, CA is horcm instance 4, BC on instance 0 and 1:


export HORCC_MRCF=0

export HORCMINST=4


for CA, I have some groups in this state:


local:/root> pairdisplay -g RES -fcx
Group   PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID, LU-M) ,Seq#,LDEV#.P/S,Status,   % ,P-LDEV# M
RES1        vg001_res_1(L) (CL7-A-2, 0,   6-0 )337   91c.P-VOL PSUS,   94     600 W
RES1        vg001_res_1(R) (CL7-A-1, 0,   6-0 )338   91c.SMPL  ----,-----   ----- -


What I understand is that CA isn't synchronizing because the remote lun 09:1c in box 338 is in simplex state?, andthe P-vol is in psus state because it has a BC copy from source lun 09:1c to dest lun 06:00(i see it configured in horcm instance 0).


Is this correct??



I also have another CA state:


RES2        vg004_1(L)  (CL7-A-2, 3,   0-0 )337   c3d.P-VOL PSUS,   99     b31 W
RES2        vg004_1(R)  (CL7-A-1, 3,   0-0 )338   c3d.P-VOL PSUS,   99     b31 W


I don't now what to make out of this one..., looks like both boxes have a BC configured, but is CA in sync ??.


To me it looks like they left CA out of sync, and the replication not working?, it should be in pair state?.


The worst part is that this is a SG metro cluster.., so it needs CA working so it can do a takeover in case we need to move the pkg.



Windows?, no thanks