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XP24000 CA question(Raid Manager)

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XP24000 CA question(Raid Manager)



We have a XP24000 with several CA and BCs configured with raidmanager in different HPUX servers.


The HPUX hosts are 11.11, and we are changing the SAN infrastructure(san switch,etc), so the device names for the disks on the hpux hosts are going to change.


In raid manager config files I'm using the LUN serial number for the lun consistency groups:


NONE horcm4 1000 6000

/dev/rdsk/c6t0d0 /dev/rdsk/c13t0d0

RE81 re81_4_01 75339 03:01 0
RE81 re81_4_02 75339 03:05 0

RE81 server4 horcm4


So once the device names change, I will only need to change the horm CM device names?, no need to change anything else?


so the steps would be?


1.Stop raid manager

2.Change SAN infrastructure

3.Scan the new devices files(ioscan,insf)

4. Modify the horm CM device in the  horcmX.conf files

5.Start raid manager instances.

6.Check CA is working.




Windows?, no thanks