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Xp24k and Linux Oracle RAC

Varun Nath
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Xp24k and Linux Oracle RAC


We are using RHEL 4 64 bit and running Oracle RAC on it. We are using a three node Cluster.

On the storage side, we have xp24k.

We have two database instances each of appox 14 TB in size.

Off late, we have been seeing a performance issue on the Database side. This usually happens when the backups start.

The HP checked and found some hot spots on the array. Looks to me as if some of the disks are more heavily used and hence the delay in I/O.

My question is, what is the best practice in terms of the number of LDEV that should be provided to the system. Right now, we are using around 28 LDEVs in total.

I would assume that the higher number of LDEV means more spindles.

Also, we are using 7D+1D as the RAID group.

Please advice.