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Zoning with Multiple Arrays/Targets

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Zoning with Multiple Arrays/Targets

Good evening.  We recently connected a hybrid array to the FC SAN currently supporting our EVA6100 and while I have defined additional zones to isolate traffic between my hosts and the hybrid array, is that truly necessary?  I would think a zone for each host that contains both the hybrid and EVA targets would be the least complex (cleaner) configuration, but does that run counter to best practice?  The OCD part of me wants to create new host-to-hybrid zones in parallel with the existing host-to-EVA zones, but I worry that I'd be making my zoning more complex than it needs to be.  Thank you in advance for your input.

Sheldon Smith

Re: Zoning with Multiple Arrays/Targets

While it will take more work initially to set up an additional zone for each host to the hybrid array, subsequent maintenance will be easier. And your switch probably has a command line, so you can generate the new zones quickly. I'd have a zone for each host-target pair. HOST01_EVA6100A, HOST01_Hybrid01, HOST02_EVA6100A, HOST02_Hybrid01, etc. When you get rid of a target, you just delete all the zones that go to that target. Otherwise you would need to edit each zone, checking whether or not the target is part of it and remove the WWNs.


The switch will handle it - Keep things easy for YOU to manage! Unless you have a ten-year-old switch, it won't be too complex. If you do have a ten-year-old switch, it's time to replace it anyway!


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