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add space on to a logical drive

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Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

add space on to a logical drive

Hi all,
I have a HP StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000 with 10 HDD of 73GB and 146GB.

I need to extend 30 GB for the logical drive 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 and 100GB for the logical drive 13.

My Array MAP looks like:

Array A
- Logical Drive 1
- Logical Drive 2
- Logical Drive 3
- Logical Drive 4
- Logical Drive 5
- Logical Drive 6
- Logical Drive 7
- Logical Drive 8
- Logical Drive 9
- Logical Drive 10
- Logical Drive 11
- Logical Drive 12
- Logical Drive 13

The LD 13 is composed by 5x146GB with RAID 5
The LD 1 to 11 are composed by 3x73GB with RAID 5

I have 1x72Gb and 2x146GB spare hard disk.

How can i proceed.
1. add the 2x146 GB disk and assign it to a array A

now comes the problem, how do i assign a new space to a the logical drives i need.

please i need help on asap.

nelson chamba/
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: add space on to a logical drive

Are you sure you have only 1 Array?

Can you log into the ACU and post a screen shot?

It is impossible to specify specific disks to be used for specific logical drives in the same array. Space is carved out of ALL the disks in an array when creating a RAID5 logical drive.

Or maybe I am missing something...

Steven Clementi
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Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

Re: add space on to a logical drive

Of course there is more arrays on the san, but the logical drives that i need to add space are all in the same array, the Array A.

My questions is there is a way on the ACU that can enable me to specify a space for each logical drive.

Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

Re: add space on to a logical drive

Can i add a 300GB disk while the Logical Drive 13 is build up by 145 GB HDD and the logical drives 1 to 11 are made up by 3x72GB?