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adding several disk to several disk groups in EVA 4400

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adding several disk to several disk groups in EVA 4400

dear forum,

I had 3 disk group, let say disk group A, with 8 disk FATA 1TB, disk group B with 16 FC disk 146 GB and disk group C with 12 FC disk of 300 GB. All disk are in EVA4400 storage system.

I had unlimited capacity within the EVA4400 license.

Now, I would like to add a storage enclosure to the existing environment (M6412 drive enclosure). In the enclosure I'll add 6 disk of 146 GB, 4 disk of 300GB and 1 disk of 1TB FATA.

I've already download the manual for adding M6412 drive enclosure.

My question are:

1. Are there any things should I prepare before adding this storage enclosure to the existing environment?

2. If I add all disk to the all disk groups in one time operation, parallel operation,(adding 6 disk of 146GB,4 disk of 300GB and 1 disk of 1 TB, 11 disk in total operation) could be there any issue arise ?
Or should I adding those disk in serial manners ? (add 6 disk first, then wait the process to complete (levelling process) before begin the next 4 disk,etc2...)

Thanks for your comment..

Uwe Zessin
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Re: adding several disk to several disk groups in EVA 4400

If not done already, I would make sure that the EVA4400 is on current firmware.

When adding the disks, I recommend that you put in only one set (146GB .XOR. 300GB) of the FC drives and add them to the disk group. This prevent the EVA from taking a drive from the 'wrong model' - e.g. adding a 300GB disk to the 146GB group.

Unless you are in a hurry, wait for leveling to finish so that the EVA is under less load when you stick in the next set of disks.

When adding disks, always stick in one disk drive and wait until it shows up in Command View EVA. In the past it was possible to get duplicate disk names when inserting disks too fast. That has all kinds of strange effects (not showing certain disks, wrong capacity calculated...).
Jan Soska
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Re: adding several disk to several disk groups in EVA 4400

Hello Garibaldi,
best practise is upgrading EVA with 8 disks for each disk group. It has lowest space overhead etc...

About preparation:
1) check if you have latest EVA firmware - with old firmware you could not recongnize some very new drives.
2) check CV version (9.2.1 latest) - and upgrade if needed.
3) you can add disks in serial - just let each disk to by fully recognized (goes green) and another one, it should take 1-2 minutes pred drive.
4) check drives firmware - if newer, update
5) then assign new disk to existing disk groups (but consider at least even numbers of disk - 1 fata drive added looks really strange)
6) expand your vdisk as needed, have on mind that background leveling has some performance impact - need some time.

I hope it helps.

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Re: adding several disk to several disk groups in EVA 4400

thanks guys..

I think that enough..