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brocade c class fc switches - isl maximums

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brocade c class fc switches - isl maximums

Hi, I have a question, this is the scenario..

1 c7000 blade enclosure, 16 blades 465, 2 cisco ethernet switches on interconnect bays 1 & 2

2 brocade 4 Gb FC 24 port switches on on interconnect bays 3 & 4 (8 uplink FC ports)

2 brocade DC backbones

1 hp xp 12000

I want to interconnect the blade FC switches with the DC backbones using ISL's (no trunking license available), but I want to ask you if I can connect all the available uplink ports on the switches to the DC backbones:

- 8 uplink ports from interconnect bay 3 to DC backbone 1 and

- 8 uplink ports from interconnect bay 4 to DC backbone 2

I guess that if we make the configuration described above we can balance better the load on the fc ports (zoning 2 servers to each uplink and to the hitachi storage) instead of having all the load through 2 or 3 isl's in each fc switch

Or is there any restriction about the maximum number of isl's I can connect from the c-class FC switches to a san core switch (ie. DC backbone) ??

I appreciate any suggest

Thanks in advance

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: brocade c class fc switches - isl maximums

Hey, I saw this a little while ago but I couldn't find any documents about this so I did not post anything.

While I was writing this I figured I would take a look in the HP Design Reference guide.

It's pretty big:


See page 113.

"ISL maximums

You can use all ports on all B-series Fibre Channel switches for ISLs, with a maximum of one half of the total ISL port count configured to the same destination switch.

Some switches require licensing for additional ISL ports.

So, based on that. You can only use 4 out of the 8 ports to the same DC backbone."
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: brocade c class fc switches - isl maximums

Also, great nick :)