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Re: c-Class Blade connect to McData SAN Switch

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c-Class Blade connect to McData SAN Switch


I need a M-series Embedded c-Class Blade SAN-Switches, this Switch is only supported in the p-Class.
We have 2 EVA 500 with CA and two SAN fabric with McData Edge2/12 and Edge2/24.
The McData have the Firmware 09.00.00 76,Type 004500 and run in McData Fabric Mode.

I found that i have only two options:

Option A

I know, that i can use the new 4Gb VC-FC Module, but the customer must buy
1) two 4Gb VC-FC Module
2) two 1/10 Gb Virtual Connect Ethernet Module ( for Management of the 4Gb VC-FC Module)
3) four new optional license for Support NPIV (N_Port ID Virtualization)

Option B

Use the Pass-Thru Module for c-Class and connect every Port from the cBlade to the McData Switch Fabric


Is there a other Option, and which option will be the best for the customer?
The customer want only ONE Blade connect to the SAN


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Re: c-Class Blade connect to McData SAN Switch


Unless your customer plan to add more blades in the SAN, I suggest to buy a DL3xx!!!! It will be cheaper
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Re: c-Class Blade connect to McData SAN Switch

Hi Pasquino,
Thanks for reply
But I make a mistake in description of the hardware system, the customer have already ONE BladeSystem-Enclosures with
6 VMWare ESX server and want to grow up to 16 Server.

Who use McData SAN-Switches with c-Class BladeSystem?
Regards Lutz


Re: c-Class Blade connect to McData SAN Switch

have you looked at the brocade switch / cisco switch options in the bladesystem to connect to the mcdata switch fabric?
they only then require a trunk license maybe on the Mcdata side? and you dont need to purchase any VC modules (ethernet or FC).
I assume you have ethernet modules already for the bladesystem?


Re: c-Class Blade connect to McData SAN Switch

Hello Lutz,

we just do nearly the same, connecting 4/24 FC Blade Switches to an existing McData Edge 2/24 switches. In that case we have to set the Brocade Switches to Access Gateway Mode and install NPIV Licenses at the McData Switches. Two ways to get the Licenses:
1. install the newest FW on the McData Switches 9.06. This FW includes NPIV.
2. Ask Brocade (the actual owner of McData)for free Licenses.
-> we just become 4 Lics from Brocade for free.
When all is installed I will provide the result here.
BTW, HP has not the latest FW for the Edge Switches available.

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Re: c-Class Blade connect to McData SAN Switch


Hi Wilfried,

Thanks for help

I have a NEW project (SAN-Switches HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 #316095-B21) with a NEW customer and have the SAME problem.
The new firmware version 9.06 is NOT on the HP Web-Site.

I open a HP Support call and this information come from HP Support:
"Brocade is officially providing NPIV licensing for the McData M-series at no charge. Simply send an email to post-sales@brocade.com and include the serial number of the director along with the current firmware revision that it is running."

I send this email and GET the NPIV-license for FREE.

Regards Lutz