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c7000 sas switch or pass-thru


c7000 sas switch or pass-thru

Firstly I am new to a blade environment, to i apologize in advice if I am missing the obvious


But I am trying to reuse some old kit that been discarded by a company I now work for, which is a C7000 with 8 g6 blades.


I want to connect an MSA60 (currently in use) and a MDS600 (discarded), but there is no 'SAS module' in the rear of the chassis, from a little investigation I have found the following options :-


3GB SAS BL-c Pass-Thru Switch Module    488454-001 

3GB SAS BL-C 8-Port Switch Module           AJ864A


I can find little information on the 'passThru' version, I expect as it 16 port, it literally maps one blade to each port, and possibly does not support  zones etc, But can anyone confirm this or give any insight ?


Thanks in advance,