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capture the EVA CA async timing

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capture the EVA CA async timing

Dear SAN Storage gurus,
would like to seek your advice. How do you capture the EVA CA async timing, the changes for resync every day. we have the time when we first start the CA and run the full sync. but we would like to see the timing for the changes made to the target and how long does it take to resync the changes to the destination. can we get log from EVA.

Hope to hear from you. Many thanks in advance.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: capture the EVA CA async timing

Not from the logs, but you can use the EVAperf tool that comes with Command View to monitorice the replication link:


HP Continuous Access Tunnel performance object

This gives you:
- Write In MB/s
- Write Out MB/s
- Round Trip Delay (ms)

You can also monitorize it from the Performance monitor in Windows, and plot charts.