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changing the severity of snmp alerts

richard wallis

changing the severity of snmp alerts

Hi there,

We are runnig a MSA2012fc which is sending out 'informational' alerts to HP Insight manager, this is OK for notification on disk scrubs but the problem is, it's doing this for disk failures too.

Is there anyway to change severity on events in the MSA config or Cli?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: changing the severity of snmp alerts

Hi Rich,

i checked on a MSA2324fc and in the webgui it only allows you to set a general level (informational , warning or critical) for ALL of the events this array will send. A shame there is no deeper level of granularity to assign a level to a certain type of issue/event .... makes no real sense to implement it this way , does not make manageability easy for this box.

The help in the webgui also seems to indicate this is how it is currently designed :-( Not really want we need or want to see.

Not sure if future FW resolves this.