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cmd view 10 and changed AD domain membership

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cmd view 10 and changed AD domain membership



command view 10 has been working fine for several years, over several upgrades. However, now I have had to remove the command view windows server from the existing Active directory domain, so that it could be added to the new domain. This appears to have worked fine - the server is in fact in the new domain, and using new dns servers, etc ...


However - when I launch command view, I cannot login successfully using any user id from the new domain.


If I do newdomain/username or just username - login fails. If I do olddomain/username it works.


I have confirmed that:


the same name user exists in new domain, is a domain admin and is ALSO in the local administrators and local HP Storage Admins group.




I need to retire the old domain servers - but at this point I cannot manage my EVA if I do not have access to the old domain controllers.


Any suggestions how to get this to work?

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Re: cmd view 10 and changed AD domain membership


uninstall command view and install 

command view doesn't like changing domains

or renaming the server.


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