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command view reinstallation

Mohammad AlHiary
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command view reinstallation

Dears ;

I am new to a test environment consist of two HP-UX rx7400 servers and EVA4000 connected to san switches .at some time in the past the command view was installed on windows based management server connected to the same san switch and the configuration of the eva is done and all required Virtual disks were created.
at present ,there is no managment server .
no command view running.only the HP-UX servers and the EVA and SAN switches.
please also note that in this environment also the Command view media kit is lost.

now I need to manage the EVA storage again .delete some disks create new ones etc..

so what should I do in details.your help please.and is there is a version of command view that can be installed on the hp-ux.

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Re: command view reinstallation

Windows only.

You should connect a windows server to your SAN and install command view.

Don't remove this server, keep it running!

Hope this helps!

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