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connecting blade in two different san

Domenico Viggiani
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connecting blade in two different san

we have a c7000 blade enclodure with 2 Brocade 4/12 SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem connecting to a eva6000 storage system with two switch brocade. Now we want connect some of ours blade server to different san environment, emc storage and 2 different brocade swith. Is it possible connect and configure two san for blade environment ?
Steven Clementi
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Re: connecting blade in two different san

They only way I can think of thatwould allow you can do this is if you merge both SAN's... OR use HBA port1 to access SAN 1 and HBA port2 to access SAN 2. (1 4/12 connected to 1 of the EVA SAn Switches and the second 4/14 connected to one of the EMC SAN Switches.)

The other way to do this would be to use Virtual Connect, though if you don't already have VC, it may not make any sense to try to implement it.

With Virtual Connect, you can have several different SAN Connections on the inbound side, then map you server profiles to the different SAN's. You could only map 1 SAN to any 1 particular HBA port though.

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: connecting blade in two different san

Cisco MDS switches have IVR that I think can do what you want (give access between hosts in different VSANs without merging). Brocade calls this Meta-SAN.


Read around a little - and maybe you can do this in Brocade with a router.

Here are some more information: