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cooling requirment of SAN

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cooling requirment of SAN

Dear all,

Following is the hardware currently we used


SAN ( EVA 5000)

146.8 GB 15k Fiber Channel 16 Hard disk ( 146.8 * 16 = 2348.8 GB )
Two controller ( hp storage works hsv110 )
Two Fiber Switches

RACK – 2

Two Machine hp ProLiant DL380 36.4 GB Hard Disk 15k Ultra 320 SCSI ( Mirroring )
With 4GB RAM ( OS Linux )

One DL360 G3 72.8 GB Hard Disk 10k Ultra 320 SCSI ( Mirroring )
With 2GB RAM ( OS windows )

One hp TPT5600 RKM

One Tape Library hp Storage works MSL 6000 Series Library

Hp Storage works tape array 5300

Two hp Integrity rx4640 machine with hp cluster configuration 4GB RAM
2 x 36 GB - hot-swap - Ultra320 SCSI - 15000 rpm

Two Fiber Switches

Above mansion our Hardware configuration I have two major question

1. how to calculate the cooling requirement . when all machine and San storage install I asked hardware engineer what is cooling required for above all hardware, then they shays about 18 to 20 temperature , how can I proof that if any documents for that please give me that link .
2. can we shutdown daily above hardware , if I shutdown all above machine Daily what is the impact ( positive or negative )
and what Hp recommend
Please send me in detailed

Víctor Cespón
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Re: cooling requirment of SAN

Hi, in the quickspecs for the EVA and servers, you'll see the following:

Operating Temperature 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)

But most datacenters are kept at 18 to 25º.

In the quickspecs you can find also the power dissipated by each product, in BTU per hour, in case you need to provide that data to the company doing the cooling system installation.

Most datacenters keep the systems running 24x7, this avoids thermal stress and allows to perform backup or optimization tasks off-hours.