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email notification for events on EVA 8100

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email notification for events on EVA 8100

Hi ,


     We have eva 8100 , command view 9.3 on DL380 G5 , running widows storage server 2003.

For events on EVA like disk failures and envirornment issues( basically over temprature )  , we need to configure an email mechanism.

I tried to set this in

System Options --> Confiure email notifications

HP storage Server Management --> System setting --> email notification.


haven't had luck till now , thinking of doing this via SIM , or webs  , but the webes exe  version i downloaded is having some problems .


1) how can i do this without webes or SIM

2) do i need to procure liscences for SIM or webes , if i decide to use these how can i integrate the requirement into these tools.


Please share your sugestion and  valuable input .



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Re: email notification for events on EVA 8100

If the EVA is still under contract, consider to use Insight remote support standard or advanced (HP SIM based). There is no longer a standalone version of webes, it is included in Insight RS only.

In case of a failure the monitoring software will inform you and at the same time it opens a support case at HP.

Hope this helps!

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Re: email notification for events on EVA 8100

Hi there,


I currently have a case open with HP support to address CV v10 email notification issues, as both SBM and ABM have random patterns when it comes to sending out emails.


I'll let you know the moment I get a solution.


Kind regards,


Alex Rappoport