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error fitmware management eva4400

Carlos Mendoza Cardenas
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error fitmware management eva4400

el tema empieza se me daño la Eva 4400 Management Module tratando de actualizar el fitware y se quedo en medio procesos o simplemente no concluyo la actualizacion , actualmente me reconoce el ip al realizar ping 192..168.0.1/2373 pero no logro ingrsar ni que salga la pantalla de logeo en la web de hp,

la primera pregunta existe una manera de resetar a fabrica aparte de esos diez segundo del boton ya que ya lo ise y no logro ingresar, asumo que debe de haber alguna opcion de bajo nivel que pueda recuperar el software pasado o la version pasada del fitware, finalmente veo mas adentro otro boton reset pero no se si serviria para algo ese boton oculto al lado dereche.

la segunda preguta es  cambie. otra controladora de mis otro eva pero esta si funciona todo ok pero me sale la controladora mangent ok pero las que salen error son las dos conrtoladoras la 1 y la controladora 2 sale atencion , trato de configurar el equipo de cero y borrar todos los discos pero no me deja pasar a esa opcion hasta que ingreso los wwn de cada controlladora 1 y 2 pero nos e como saber que numero de wwn ponerle ya que sale poner wwn y sale por defecto xxxxxxxxxxxx en ese numero donde debo poner la wwn de las controladoras.


aclaro no me ienteresa la ifnroamcion de los discos coji dos cajas de discos al hazar para incializar el equipo y la informacion no me interesa esta backupeada .


mi preg ta final es los procedimientos que debo de hacer y si conseguir ese cabel mgn que es especial ayudaria en lago para poder entrar por putty o no se que hacer urgente apoyo


carlos mendoza

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the topic starts, the Eva 4400 Management Module was damaged trying to update the fitware and it stayed in the middle of processes or I simply did not finish the update, I currently recognize the ip when doing ping 192..168.0.1 / 2373 but I can not enter or that the logon screen appears on the hp website,

the first question is a way to reset the factory apart from those ten seconds of the button since it is already and I can not enter, I assume there must be some low level option that I can recover the last software or the last version of the fitware, finally I see more in another reset button but I don't know if that hidden button on the right side would be of any use.

The second question is change. another controller of my other eva but this if everything works ok but I get the mangent controller ok but the ones that come out error are the two controllers the 1 and the controller 2 comes out attention, I try to configure the equipment from scratch and erase all the disks but It does not allow me to pass to that option until I enter the wwn of each controller 1 and 2 but we know how to know what number of wwn to put since it comes to put wwn and leaves xxxxxxxxxxxx in that number where I must put the wwn of the controllers.

I clarify that I am not interested in the communication of the two coji discs when making discs to initialize the equipment and the information does not interest me this backupeada.

My final question is the procedures that I must do and if getting that mgn hair that is special would help in the lake to be able to enter by putty or I do not know what to do urgently thanks

thank you

Carlos Mendoza


Re: error fitmware management eva4400

1. There is no option to go back to the old firmware of the management module. We can only reset the settings (like IP) to factory defaults.
Try to remove and reinsert ensure the laptop IP is in the same range of the management module IP and allow 15 minutes.
If it does not help, replace the Management module.

2. The EVA WWN can be found at the rack front side normally.
If you are unable to find contact the Account support manager.

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