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eva storage continuous faults

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eva storage continuous faults

11월 부터 지금까지 10개 가량 디스크 교체 하였습니다.

디스크 나가면 2~3일 안에 다른 디스크 나가버리는 형상이 있습니다.
현재 조치는 디스크만 바꿔주고 있는 상태이고요.
펌웨어도 상관이 없나봅니다. 디스크가 교체할 시기가 와서 순차적으로 나가고 있는건지..
이 와 비슷한 경험 하신분들 계시면 정보 공유 부탁드립니다.
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I have replaced 10 disks since November.
If you go out of the disk in two to three days, there is a shape out of the other disc.
The current action is to change the disk only. I do not care about the firmware.
If you have experience similar to this, please share information.

Re: eva storage continuous faults

Hello JgShin,

Could you specify the model of the array and the XCS running? It is quite common that the old arrays face such frequent disk failures due to ageing. 

Another possibility could be an underlying backend issue in the array causing the drives reporting more errors. And when the error threshold reaches for each drive, the same will be marked as failed by the XCS.

Appreciate if more details shared.

And if the array is still with HPE contract, it is highly advisable to open a support case.

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