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failed port on EVA 8000

Mel Nugent
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failed port on EVA 8000

Guys, have a failed port on EVA 8000 controller. Is this going to be a major issue to get replaced. ie eva down?


Have support call logged (none HP support-Long story) but I want to know what I have to prepare for?






Prakash Singh_1
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Re: failed port on EVA 8000



Which port is it?


In EVA 8000 cabling:


  • The HSV210 controllers connects via four host ports (FP1, FP2, FP3, and FP4) to the Fibre Channel fabrics. The hosts that will access the storage system are connected to the same fabrics.

  • The HP Command View EVA management host also connects to the fabric.

  • The controllers connect through two loop pairs to the drive enclosures. Each loop pair consists of two independent loops, each capable of managing all the disks should one loop fail. Four FC loop switches are used to connect the controllers to the disk enclosures.

PF the attached for cabling reference. If you have a similar cabling then you dont need a downtime if 1 controller port failed.


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Mel Nugent
Regular Advisor

Re: failed port on EVA 8000

Thanks, we are cabled and as shown and its a FP port back to the fabric. Is this likely to be just a SFP. I preseum otherwise its taking one controller offline or ven swap out.


We have had some degradtion in performace since we lost this port (we are also in process of decomisioning and had plugged out another port on the other controller to patch to new fabric). So we are at 3 out of 4 on each controller. I am a bit afriad of what performace hit we'll get by going to one controller even for a sdhort while as we're a 24/7 site.